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Avalanche Technologies Limited is a technology company specializing in the development of enterprise software. Our portfolio of products range from cloud ERP and mobile salesforce management application. We also develop custom tailor made software according to our client needs.

Customer First

We put customers first. Finding and solving tedious customer pain point with technology is what we strive to do.

Quality Assurance

We assure quality in all of our products. Each application is easy to use and provides high performance.

Customer Support

A highly exeprienced customer support team works round the clock to answer any query from our customers.


ERP Modules

Avalanche Technologies provides a state of the art cloud ERP software. Our ERP's comrehensize suite of business modules will allow you effeciently and effectively manage your business.

Our ERP gets all your business data under one platform and integrates it. As a result you see what is happeing in your entire organization in one interface and make more data driven decision.

Avalanche Technologies ERP Modules
Avalanche Technologies Limited system feature.

Bee ERP Accessibility

  • Browser Based Offline and Online System
  • Distributed but Central Transaction System
  • Online Transaction Processing System
  • Real Time Data Processing
  • Electronic Document Flow System
  • Vouchers and Documents Approval System
  • Dash Board Reporting
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Back Date Data Entry Control by Data Admin
  • Important Deadline Reminders
  • Browser Based Online Management Reporting
  • Documents and Transactions Approval System
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